Company Overview

JNG Management is a full-service agency, based in Hamburg,  Germany, focusing on scouting, as well as the placement and management of models and creatives. Using our international fashion contacts in markets such as New York, Paris, Bangkok, Milan, Barcelona, Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, Miami and Shanghai, we manage  and promote the career of models and creatives, helping them to achieve their best potential in the international market.
We guarantee you with an individually tailored and long-term career plan with international success through the help of our top clients and world-renowned partners.
JNG was founded by Jennifer Nathalie Gehse, who saw the need for a mother agency focused purely on the national and international career-management of models and creatives. The agency places their models and creatives with other partner agencies around the world. Our full-service management includes promoting careers on the runway as well as commercial and fashion publications. We lead the region in the representation of models, photographers, hair-stylists, make-up artists, manicurists and stylists.


Our particular focus lies on discovering and building up young talents. For this we work together with a large team of model scouts operating all around the world, who are constantly on the search for new talent. We aim to build up such talents quickly and then promote them internationally. In contrast to many other agencies, we build up on average, around 60 new promising fashion models a month, who through our large network of international partner agencies travel to at least 3 important fashion markets within the first 6 months of their career, and therefore in a very short period of time, build up a strong and internationally competitive model book.

Furthermore we manage international placements for freelance models worldwide, promoting them to some of the most highly regarded and leading agencies like Elite, Boss, Ford and Wilhelmina.

JNG does not only aim to coach and market models and creatives, but also to manage their international careers. JNG has contacts to a large, well-known German-speaking customer base, as well as to a wide range of over 400 leading modeling and creative agencies and a plethora of fashion clients worldwide. In this way, JNG can offer personalized and therefore optimized global career management and help you plan a diverse and interesting career in the long-term.